Photo Exhibition “Mind your heritage!” in Chisinau


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Echipa ADVIT Moldova este bucuroasă să vă invite la o mică expoziție foto – “Mind your heritage!” !!!

Tema: Patrimoniul cultural al Chișinăului ca oraș european modern

Expoziție foto organizată de: Tineri din Moldova, Armenia, Ukraina, Polonia, Grecia și Bulgaria

Când ? –  Duminică, 9 iunie, 2013, ora -15.00 – 17.00

Unde ? –  Casa Zemstvei Guberniale, str. Șciusev 103, Chișinău

Proiect finanațat de: Youth in Action Programme, European Commission

Proiect coordonat de: ADVIT ICYE Moldova, 

 Vino la Expoziția noastră și vei avea șansa să întâlnești tineri din diferite țări, să afli ce cred despre orașul nostru și cum văd ei patrimoniul nostru cultural prin fotografiile expuse! Fă-ți noi prieteni, obține unele contacte utile și află mai multe despre oportunitățile oferite de programul Tineret în Acțiune pentru tinerii din Republica Moldova!

Așteaptăm cu nerăbdare să ne vedem!

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Dear all!

ADVIT Moldova is happy to invite you to the small Photo Exhibition “Mind your heritage!”!!!

Theme: Cultural Heritage of Chisinau, as modern European city

Photo Exhibition organized by: Youth from Moldova, Armenia, Ukraine, Poland, Greece and Bulgaria

When: June 9th, 2013, Sunday, 15:00-17:00

Where: Museum of Zemstvei, Sciusev str. 103, Chisinau

Financed by: Youth in Action Programme, European Commission

Project coordinated by: ADVIT ICYE Moldova, 

Come to our Exhibition and you will have the chance to meet with young people from different countries, find out what they think about our city and how they see our cultural heritage through the exhibited photos! Make new friends, get some useful contacts, find out more about the opportunities of the Youth in Action Programme for Moldovan young people!

Looking forward to see you!


The photo exhibition will be as a result of 7 days international youth exchange “Mind your heritage!” in Chisinau, financed by the European Commission Programme ” Youth in Action”.

The Youth Exchange “Mind your heritage!” will gather 30 young people from Moldova, Ukraine, Armenia, Greece, Bulgaria and Poland and will aim at raising the awareness of the local and international communities on the cultural richness of the capital of Moldova, the city of Chisinau and express our concern about the future of the architectural element. We want to show that Chisinauhas something more to offer than simply bars and restaurants, that in fact it is a monument of architectural art and we have to mind this heritage! Besides, this is the existing problem in many cities in many countries and through uniting our efforts for preserving the city heritage and for preventing it from becoming a plastic box, we will show to the international community that we are concerned about this issue and we mind the places we live in.

For more details: 

DSC_0920 DSC06366 rasp1DSC06658 IMG_1381 IMG_1411 IMG_1478


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