Open Art Week in Chisinau – public presentation by Gaia TOSCHI [IT], May 16, 2019, 7 pm


Open Art Week in Chisinau – public presentation by Gaia TOSCHI [IT]
May 16, 2019, 7 pm
place: Zpace (103, Al. Sciusev str., Chisinau)

About WAO
WAO – OPEN ART WEEK is an international platform of independent art spaces.

WAO – OPEN ART WEEK finds their origin in the current core transformations in the contemporary art field, regarding the modality of production, circulation and exchanges with the public, in the Mediterranean context. Due to these challenges, the project proposes the creation of an international network of independent spaces, based in three fields of intervention: the cartography of independent participating spaces; the mobility of artists and cultural managers; and the co-organisation of an itinerant Art Week.

Thanks to the organisation of Open Art Week touring in all participating cities, WAO since its first edition in 2018 has supported the mobility of more than 40 artistic events and 52 artists featured by a network of 30 multidisciplinary art industries and non-profit organisations.
In 2019 WAO has been selected by UNESCO among the projects “which had an impact in the culture transformation from 2011 to 2018”.

About Gaia TOSCHI [IT]
Founding director of REA, an Italian independent organisation supporting innovative initiatives to promote contemporary arts and practices, Gaia Toschi is the initiator and director of WAO – Open Art Week.

Since 2002, Gaia has been responsible for managing and curating several projects in support of cultural heritage, industries and artists for international (United Nations) and non-profit organisations in Asia, Africa, the MENA Region, South-East Europe.

She holds a post-graduate education in History of Art (Université de Strasbourg, France), Cultural Management (UNESCO, Turin), International Cooperation (IUSS, Italy) and Public Administration (Duke University, USA).

Free entrance!

This event is organized in collaboration with WAO and is dedicated to independent cultural organizations active in Italy, Tunis and Moldova. It anticipates the Public Space Days to take place in 2020 in Chisinau.

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